Always Hungry, Phase 1, Day 10

I am writing Wednesday’s post on Saturday- that is how behind I am on everything! This weekend I will try to clean up, get some work done, and prep for a good week. Getting excited because I have brunch planned Sunday with my best friend who I never see (yes, I am going to go off plan and drink wine!).

I have tried to keep up with staying on plan but this seemed to be the day that I started to really cut corners. I have been so busy at work, and there just isn’t enough time in the day for the shopping, the cooking, the cleanup, the tracking, the blogging…. and I don’t even have kids! I really hope Dr L and Chef Dawn publish a shortcut cookbook. 

On the other hand, almost every recipe has been amazing. Even my husband has been helping me eat the leftovers. 

Breakfast: power shake

Lunch : leftover Mediterranean chicken 

Dinner : Soup, Cabbage Casserole 

This cabbage casserole doesn’t look that good (including the watery pool in the center) but it’s quite yummy. 

Snacks: nuts, apple & peanut butter 


Always Hungry, Phase 1, Day 9

I am swamped with work so I am going bare bones on my post….

Breakfast was leftovers ❤

Lunch was salmon salad with very messy prep…

The final result was super yummy but too much leftovers! 

For dinner, I was so swamped with work that I decided to adjust the recipe a bit and used some shredded chicken I had premade in the crockpot over the weekend. I think it cut down on the prep time tremendously. And, as expected it was delicious. Even my super picky and very skeptical husband love love loved it! 

Always Hungry, Phase 1, Day 6

Although I still haven’t adjusted to the amount of work involved in the menu in this book, I am really enjoying the variety and quality of the recipes. I can tell you right now that I would have not been able to hang in there this long if the recipes didn’t taste amazing. 

I also enjoy the predictability of working from a menu. There is zero decision-making going into food choices, which makes life a lot simpler. 

Today I slept in until 8:45, and didn’t work out until around 12:30 pm. I got a pretty late start on “breakfast”. 

8:45 am : woke up

1:30 pm: 1/2 ounce nuts

2:30 pm : 2 pancakes (with waffle recipe) with whipped cream and fruit sauce.  

I’ve made the pancakes before, but never the fruit sauce and OH MY GOD WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!?!?! Exactly why are we eating PLAIN yogurt with this lovely option?

Breakfast (yes at 2 pm) was so filling too. No need for lunch and it’s just as well because I don’t have the leftover chicken stir fry because I made eggplant parm instead.

6:30 pm : started cooking dinner 

8:00 pm : ate dinner (shepherds pie and broccoli w/ tahini sauce)

The shepherds pie was tasty but I haven’t decided if it’s worth the effort. I loved the cauliflower/white bean purée as the topping. I’m just not a big beef person.

8:45 pm : 3/4 ounce of chocolate (my first chocolate since starting the program)

Today’s final #s…

Always Hungry, Phase 1, Day 5

6:00 am : woke up

8:30 am : treadmill time

9:30 am : ate breakfast. Book called for 3oz of smoked salmon, cheddar cheese, dill sauce and veggies, but that just sounded awful.  I swapped the cheddar for cream cheese and swapped a poached egg for one ounce of salmon. It was much better my way!

I am not used to such big breakfasts. I realized that’s part of why I have been eating so late. 

3:30 pm : For lunch I had the snack – turkey deli wrapped in lettuce because I didn’t have the leftover eggplant parm. I also had tahini dressing and dill sauce, blueberries and a couple ounces of trail mix because I was pretty hungry. 

Since I neglected to defrost the chicken I needed for the stir fry on the menu plan for dinner I made the eggplant parm that was supposed to be for yesterday. 

It was really delicious. I didn’t have fresh basil so that was a bummer. I also used a type of zucchini I’ve never heard of (Mexican zucchini), which is a lot firmer. It wasn’t bad but I would be curious how different the dish would be if I had used my local variety of zucchini. Also I didn’t have shredded mozzarella (I cut fresh mozzarella into small pieces instead). This is why I don’t usually cook – I manage to screw up the simplest things, like ‘use this pre-made grocery list….’

What I was most impressed by was the addition of tofu! It really cut down on the amount of dairy (which probably could have been cut down even more) and made the dish really hearty and filling. It blended right into the ricotta. 

I am surprised by how much dairy is on this plan. I thought it was pretty high in natural sugars…..? This is going on my question list for Dr Ludwig.

Here are my final #s for today…..

Always Hungry Diet, Phase 1, Day 4

This post is out of order – sorry, I didn’t realize it was sitting in my drafts!

Today’s I got an earlier start, and much less cleanup than other days.

6:00 am – wake up

8:30 am – worked out (treadmill walk/jog and 15 minutes of floor/strength exercises)

10:00 am – ate breakfast

Breakfast on day 4 is supposed to be a spinach and cheese omelette with fruit & yogurt. Except I suck at making omelettes, so mine was scrambled eggs with spinach and cheese. Out of sheer rebellion of wasting food, I topped it with a tiny bit of the huge batch of ranchero sauce Dr. Ludwig made me make.

Also, I have a little harmless cheat for days with plain yogurt, which  is totally unpalatable for me. I give plain yogurt a healthy sprinkle of vanilla powder (NOT vanilla sugar) and cinnamon. It helps a lot without adding sweetener.


12:30 pm – Combined afternoon and morning snack. Swapped the peanut butter and pumpkin seeds for trail mix. I can’t get enough of that stuff.

4:30 pm – lunch wa leftover Black Bean Tofu Hash in a salad with a cilantro dressing. I hated the cilantro dressing, probably because I used freeze dried cilantro. Whoops.  I also broke the rules again with my ranchero sauce (book called for “salsa”!).

It is now 5:30 and I am super stuffed. I can’t imagine I will be hungry for dinner later, but who knows. Plus it’s Eggplant Parm night, don’t want to miss that!!

8:30 pm : UPDATE: I didn’t make the parm, but I got a little hungry and had some chicken salad.


Always Hungry Diet, Phase 1, Day 3

I am really screwing this up. I am trying so hard to keep up with the cooking and cleaning, but it’s getting tougher by the day. I work from home, but that doesn’t mean I don’t work. If anything I have to work harder because I work from home. And today I simply could not blow off work another day to cook for hours or I would get myself fired.

Just to stress the point, here is one small stack of the several stacks of dishes in my kitchen right now.

Heres how today went….

7:00 am – first conference call of the day & email time

9:30 am – treadmill time

10:30 am – start Black Bean Tofu Hash (love this, I made it the first time I tried the AH diet and couldn’t wait to try it again)

10:45 am – Got side tracked. Decided to eat my afternoon snacks instead – trail mix. I LOVE that trail mix and savored every bite.

2:00 pm – finished the tofu dish and finally ate breakfast

I thought it seemed a little dry so I made an executive decision and added the ranchero sauce from the other day (trying not to waste!).

6:30 pm – cooked & ate dinner

Dinner was interesting. The menu plan called for a fish dish. The only thing I cook worse than steak (see yesterday’s post) is probably fish. The first and main problem was that I bought frozen fish that is meant to be cooked from frozen. However the recipe calls for a specific preparation method that was for fresh fish. I improvised on the fish and ended up way overcooking it. But it was edible. In fact I liked it a lot better than last nights steak.

Yes, there are black burn marks all over the bottom of the pan.

So the other problem was that I cut the recipe in half because I have made a few other recipes full and end up letting food go to waste. But this particular dish turned out to be pretty light. So I, again, broke the rules and ate half of my leftover chicken salad from yesterday’s lunch.

The good news is that I ate kale 2 ways (I love kale!) as salad greens dressed with yummy lemon vinaigrette, and sautéed & with my fish. I topped the fish with the creamy dill sauce, which was another deliciously, heavenly sauce / dressing that I could drink straight. The sauce and kale made up for the fish.

I will probably skip dessert, it’s already 8 pm, and I don’t want to eat too late. (Secretly I just don’t want to cook or clean anymore!!!) I tell you, though, I am craving that trail mix! I thought this diet would help me stop craving food!

Here are today’s #s.