Where did I go? Diet, Divorce, Lipedema and Liposuction!

I started my ketogenic journey on Memorial Day, and have continued with it since then. I was somewhere around 180+ lbs when I started. Today I am around 145 lbs. Most of that is because of eating keto, and intermittent fasting. But I can’t attribute it all to the diet.

In mid-June, my husband and I separated after 20+ years. It was very painful and I could not eat more than a few bites of food for several weeks. I lost at least 10-15 lbs during this time.

The separation prompted a lot of self-reflection, especially about body image, self confidence, and general health/fitness. I realized my whole life I’ve been on a diet. I am religious about exercising, including several years where I was running 5 miles a day – but the weight never went below a certain point (150 ish) and never stayed off.

No matter how many boot camps, miles ran or weights lifted, I could never seem to lose my “thick” legs. It was time to accept a truth I had been denying for many years: I have lipedema, a progressive hereditary fat disorder that causes all sorts of pain and health problems. Once you have lipedema fat in your body, there is no “natural” way to lose it. You can be anorexic and still have huge legs. I have had it since I was a teenager but I didn’t know. All these years I’ve been beating myself up about not being able to control my weight even though I didn’t know it wasn’t my fault.

Photo Credit: http://lipedemaproject.org/ebook/

Here is where you can learn more about lipedema: https://www.lipedema.org

A couple years ago I had accidentally stumbled on information about lipedema while researching liposuction. At the time I didn’t want to accept that my weight wasn’t fully within my control. But the trauma of my separation prompted me to finally face it. I found a specialist in Beverly Hills, and booked lipo on my arms, calves, and thighs.

So how did it all go? It has been a rough road, and I’ve had to be extremely disciplined to stick to keto all this time. But my weight is lower than its been in nearly 20 years and my lipo results are turning out great. I’m still not a supermodel but I’m so much more comfortable with my shape and size.

Over the next few posts I will be sharing the details of this journey. There is so much to share about lipedema, the benefits of lipo for lipedema patients, what lipo was like, how intermittent fasting and keto has impacted my weight and lipo results…..

Obviously I’ve been busy but my life is finally calming down a bit and I look forward to sharing this all with you!