Eggs in purgatory and grilled romaine 

Yesterday I tried a recipe for Eggs in Purgatory. I’ve been wanting to try it for ages. It was fine but probably not worthy of a repeat. This particular recipe had way too much paprika. 

I also had a “south of the border ” taco salad on Friday night that included an amazing spicy salad dressing. The dressing was so good I wanted to try it again last night but kick it up a notch with grilled romaine. I have never grilled lettuce before but have had it in restaurants. It was everything I wanted and more! 

Since Tuesday, when I started this keto experiment, I have lost a couple pounds which I am super happy about. I am diligently tracking macros — and my calories as well but not really restricting myself there.  I tested my ketones yesterday and I am not in the ideal zone yet. I am not going to be too hard on myself about that. Getting to 20 carbs or net carbs isn’t always necessary for everyone and I’m not sure it’s totally sustainable for someone like me who loves her fruits and veggies! 

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