Breakfast Tuesday 5/30/2017

Today’s breakfast. 2 eggs, 2 egg whites, 2 oz ranchero sauce, 1 oz greek yogurt and 4 oz blueberries. Plus vitamins and espresso. 

So….  I need to change things up to see some results. I have been doing some light reading on paleo, keto and intermittent fasting diets and like what I am reading. 

This week I am going to start “counting” calories and macros. I will try to limit calories to a realistic amount, such as 1700 calories per day. I will be trying to stick to a carb-protein- fat ratio of something like 20%-30%-50% (or less on carb). And I am going to try to limit the hours of the day that I eat to about a 7-8 hour window with a fast of 16-17 hours (generally midweek) with a possible longer fast on weekends. 

And I am still very concerned with nutrient density and overall food quality so I am reading this book to get started. I will also be researching more on the set point theory and how others overcome it. Any pointers are appreciated! 

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