Chicken Salad Modifications 

One of my very favorite recipes in Always Hungry book is the chicken salad. I have made it a few times and have experimented with minor modifications each time (mostly to save time) and I will share my dos and don’ts here.

DO:  make your chicken in the slow cooker the day before. It reduces the need for chopping, the meat taste and texture are better for chicken salad, and it’s just so dang easy.

DON’T:  skip toasting the walnuts. Not sure why but the depth of flavor is lacking without toasting.

DO: make the mayo from the recipe in the book. Most mayo has sugar. I recently got my hands on some sugar free mayo (after a ton of research) but the flavor in the chicken salad just isn’t right. I thought the jar mayo would help me save time but now I am spoiled with home made. 

DON’T: use strongly flavored or bitter green lettuce like kale as the base. It’s much better with mild flavors like romaine or butter lettuce. 

DO: use purple or red rather than green grapes. The flavor is slightly better and they bring a little color to the salad. 

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