Friday’s breakfast – smoked salmon makeover¬†

My first try at having the smoked salmon plate for breakfast from the week one meal plan was just ok. Cold smoked salmon is awesome but sometimes it’s a little much for me in both taste and texture. I had a very tough time finding hot smoked salmon without sugar in the ingredients, but I found some at Whole Foods, along with a nut-based cream cheese substitute. 

The meal plan called for an ounce of cheddar cheese but I decided I needed some dairy-free cream cheese instead. These little changes made for a much better and frankly fantastic breakfast! 

Overall rating 5 stars

  • Deliciousness 5 stars- light, fresh, savory
  • Hunger Satisfaction 4 stars- light, good for mid morning 
  • Prep time 5 stars- almost none – just slicing vegetables and cutting open packages 
  • Cleanup time 5 stars- almost none – just a knife and cutting board

Where have I been and how did I do in Phase 1?

I lost only a couple pounds in my 14 days in phase 1. Dr. L. Says you can stay in Phase 1 as long as you want, so I’ve decided to keep at it a while longer.

After the 14 days was up I went on a business trip for 5 days. I ate only Phase 1 foods but didn’t keep an eye on the 25-25-50 carb-protein-fat ratio. E.g., Caesar salad, eggs with avocado, nuts, grilled chicken salad with oil&vinegar dressing, etc. I didn’t gain or lose any weight. 

I then jumped right back into Phase 1 (per the books meal plan) when I got back. I am at the end of week 1 and my weight is holding steady. 

Some thoughts on why I didn’t lose more weight:

I ate too much: this diet does not calorie or portion control what you eat. Some dishes I found so irresistible that I ate large portions and/or multiple portions in one sitting. I know Dr. L. says that calories don’t count on this diet, but, let’s be honest, overeating is ultimately what got me here (here = 40 lbs overweight). I don’t buy it that you can’t overeat on this or any diet.

I didn’t eat enough or enough at the right times of day: some days the prospect of cooking caused me to put off eating altogether. I frequently skipped the snacks and ended up eating almost no food in the first half of the day and a lot of food in the second half. If I think about the effect this can have on metabolism, it’s not good.

Too much dairy: the premise of this book is based on the evils of sugar. Sugar causes more cravings and causes a physiological reaction that prompts the body to store calories as fat. Dairy has a lot of natural sugar in lactose. And there is a LOT of dairy in this meal plan. 
You may recall I did this diet “on my own” (aka, didn’t follow the meal plan at all) last year. Overall I lost 15 lbs in about 5 months that I immediately gained back over the next 5 months. 

Heres what I remember about what I did right during the losing weeks:

  • I was eating about 1600-1800 calories a day with lots of fruit and vegetables.
  • I weighed and measured and documented everything I ate. 
  • After my weight loss stalled I stopped eating dairy except for yogurt. 
  • I found a lot of dairy substitutes that are also low carb.
  • I end up eating dinner & dessert too late at night.

What I still really love about following the plan is that the cooking is teaching me about new cooking methods, ingredients and recipes I would never normally try. 

So for now, my focus will shift to troubleshooting why I am not losing weight, starting with cutting down on dairy. My next step is going to be to try to make sure I don’t eat late and/or skip breakfast (this is super tough for me- I am not very hungry until I’ve been awake 2-4 hours). If those don’t work I will start to cut back on portions. If that doesn’t work I’m going to look into intermittent fasting and kept diets. 

I also find that my schedule really can’t handle so much cooking and cleaning so I’m looking for shortcuts. (Just last night I ate at 9pm because preparing dinner took ages!)

My detailed blog posts were the first to go but I still plan to keep posting. I will give status updates, alternative meal plan ideas, travel meal suggestions, reviews on recipes, ideas to adapt recipes to eliminate or cut down on dairy, etc.